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iPlant Collaborative

University of Arizona
posted on 03/20/2014

From the iPlant Website:

iPlant is a community of researchers, educators, and students working to enrich all plant sciences through the development of cyberinfrastructure - the physical computing resources, collaborative environment, virtual machine resources, and interoperable analysis software and data services– that are essential components of modern biology.

Until now, many of the computational tools utilized by the plant science research community were developed by individual labs or programmers. Many tools lack helpful documentation, industry standard design principles, scalability, and often are not sustainable beyond the life of the grant that funded them.

Seeing the need to address these shortcomings, The National Science Foundation (NSF)'s Plant Science Cyberinfrastructure Collaborative (PSCIC) was created to form a new type of organization, iPlant: a collaborative that enables transformative research through the use of a unified cyberinfrastructure. iPlant fosters a new generation of biologists equipped to harness rapidly expanding computational techniques and growing data sets to address the Grand Challenges of plant biology.

While tools and cyberinfrastructure are the physical deliverables that iPlant creates, the most important resource iPlant depends upon is community input. iPlant is of, by, and for the community; community driven questions and requirements shape and focus iPlant's mission. iPlant depends on your feedback to help provide the CI and tools needed to advance your science.

Currently OTT works with iPlant to provide the following tools via the GPL v2 license:

For more information, registration, and downloads please see

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